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I began Safe Air Systems, Inc. in 1992 while employed in the fire service.  It began with one man (part time), one truck and one goal: quality customer service.  Today, quality customer service is still our vision.  As we have grown, we have always strived to provide our customers with that same customer service as in the beginning.  The main focus of our business has been working with the fire service to ensure the safety of our firefighter brothers.  We want you

to learn about your breathing air equipment and we want to be the company to teach you.


Over the years, our scope of business has expanded to include compressor and part sales, air quality testing, and hydrostatic testing in addition to the equipment maintenance and repair service we began with.


Our employees are the cornerstone of the business.  We have consistently hired employees who are specialists in their field.  The expertise each individual has brought to Safe Air Systems allows us to offer the highest quality customer service.  Every employee has something to offer to help you understand your equipment and bring solutions for your needs.


All of our service technicians have been, and continue to be affiliated with the fire service.  They exhibit a professional attitude and camaraderie with all of our customers while exemplifying the most knowledge in the industry.  They are all factory certified and are ready to help find your solution or offer the best advice available for the long life of your equipment.


Our website and catalog offer a wealth of knowledge and product to make sure you have the best solution for your needs.  Don’t settle for less than the very best breathing air you can have.  Your safety and your life are our concern.  It’s the air you breathe.



Joe Smith

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