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Safety Lab Plus, Inc.Safe Air Systems and Breathing Air Systems now offers an easier and safer method of pulling an Air Sample for your Air Quality Analysis¬†with Safety Lab Plus, Inc. Safety Lab Plus offers several different Air Test Grades for your Fire Department, Military Base, Industrial Application, Scuba Shop and much more. Easy as 1, 2, 3 for you to complete your test! Standards – NFPA, CGA, OSHA, Nitrox, ISO, Canadian and more…Plus oils and lubricants

The summer months are the most common months for air test failures. Most of these failures can be avoided by running your compressor at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to taking the sample and always make sure you purge your SCBA fill adaptor. Ask your Service Technician or call us for more information to get you started on a Air Testing Program today!


  • Safety – Sample test kit designed specifically with safety in mind. Operator can feel safe during the collecting process.
  • Sample Options – Pressure from ambient to 2500psi (inlet pressure).
  • Experience – More than 30 years of experience in the air sample testing industry.
  • Costs – Lower shipping cost, smaller and lighter.
    Programs contain all sample test kits sent at once, eliminating the need for unnecessary shipping charges.
  • Standards – NFPA, CGA, OSHA, Nitrox, ISO, Canadian, Plus oils, Lubricants and more.
  • DOT Compliant – No need to worry about being DOT compliant while shipping back your air sample. Our sample test kit meets or exceeds DOT 49 CFR (non-hazardous shipping).
  • Test Results – Transmitted via: e-mail, mail, text alerts, etc.

Safety Lab Plus Air Test Kit

Safety Lab Plus, Inc Test Bag

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