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Bauer Breathing Air Compressors


Bauer Compressors


Bauer Compressors developed the first breathing air system nearly 60 years ago in working with Jacque Cousteau, even before breathing apparatus was used for fire service. As a result of their ingenuity and leading experience, Bauer has become the leader today for the most reliable, longest lasting SCBA refill compressor on the market.


For decades, Bauer Compressors has consistently delivered dependable systems to more breathing air customers in the world and to neighboring fire departments! No other manufacturer can make that claim! None!


Bauer Compressors


Beware the market is filled with “copy cats” and it may be difficult for you to spot the Original at first glance. But, look closer and you’ll find that no other company has the history, reputation and untiring performance. Rest assured, only Bauer has the “markings” to make it the Original.


Bauer Compressors US DivisionWe have been selling Bauer Compressors products since 1992. We are currently a Bauer Master Sales Distributor in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC, providing service in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. We also stock a large selection of Bauer genuine OEM Parts.




Don’t settle for a cheap imitation. Insist on the Original. Insist on Bauer.Available exclusively from Safe Air Systems, Inc.
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