Have you checked the dates on your Air Cylinders recently?

Our Hydro Test Facility in the Triad of NC, can help you today. DOT Cascade Cylinders, SCBA, SCUBA, Gas, Medical, O2, Air Plane cylinders are required every 5 years to be Hydro Tested. Schedule your hydrostatic testing today! Currently 2-3 business day turnaround!

We also hydro test fire extinguishers, paintball cylinders, pressure test hose assemblies and various other cylinders. Our Hydro Shop offers other services Visual Inspection, SCUBA Tumbling, Valve Repair & Rebuilding and Cylinder Repair. Safe Air Systems Hydro Shop can Hydro Test Scott 5500PSI cylinders as well.

Call our Hydro Shop at 1-800-424-8633 or Email us at hydro@safeairsystems.com.

Safe Air Systems can help you with Quotes for your 2020/2021 Fire Department budgets.

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