Hydro Test – Service Tip

SERVICE TIP: The majority of SCBA and Scuba cylinders require hydrostatic testing at 5 year intervals. Have you checked the dates on your SCBA Cylinders recently? We also Hydro Test Fire Extinguisher tanks, Oxygen Cylinders, Scuba Tanks and Aviation Oxygen Kevlar Cylinders. Call 1-800-424-8633 and speak to our Hydro Dept today to schedule your Hydro Test.


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One Response to “Hydro Test – Service Tip”

  1. Nicholas sloan says:


    I was referred here by a friend, i was tolf that you guys could hydro test my 68ci 4500psi paintball hpa tank. What would be the cost for the test and also what the turn around time would be.

    Thank you,
    Nicholas Sloan