Hydrostatic Testing Facility – CO2 Cylinders

We Hydro Test more than just SCBA, SCUBA and Paintball tanks. We also do CO2 cylinders also known as 3AL cylinders. CO2 is used in making soft drinks. CO2 is also used in the process of brewing beer. Carbon Dioxide is produced during the fermentation. A surplus of CO2 is usually collected and used in later process to boost the beers CO2 levels in the finished beer.

North Carolina has a multitude of Breweries, close to 300+. From Four Saints Brewing Company in Asheboro, NC to Brown Truck Brewery in High Point, NC. The list goes on…Natty Greene’s in downtown Greensboro to your larger Red Oak in Whitsett, NC. Safe Air Systems is located in the middle of all these great local breweries and brewing companies.

If you need Hydrostatic Testing on cylinders contact us today! 1-800-424-8633 and speak to someone in our Hydro Shop! #TipTuesday #NCBeer #browntruckbrew #nccraftbeer #foursaintsbrewing3AL Cylinders Hydro DeptFour Saints Brew - Hydro Test ArticleBrown Truck Brewery - Hydro Test 3AL Article

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