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Hydrostatic Testing


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Hydrostatic Testing service is offered by Safe Air Systems, for each customer, that ensures reliability of high pressure vessels and instills confidence that the appropriate US DOT regulations are strictly enforced. With each Hydrostatic Testing service you will receive documentation of the results for your records.


Hydrostatic Testing Breathing Air ApparatusHydrostatic Testing – Most users of SCBA and SCUBA cylinders are familiar with the DOT required hydro static testing. As a result, they ensure their cylinders are evaluated according to the 3 or 5 year time frame as specified by the DOT. However, often missed are the DOT cylinders which are a component of the Breathing Air storage system. Generally, these cylinders can be found attached to a Breathing Air compressor or tucked away in a vehicle where they are minimally visible. Because these storage cylinders are often out of sight they are often overlooked for the required Hydrostatic Testing. These storage cylinders, manufactured under DOT specification, require Hydrostatic Testing at five year intervals. A significant advantage with the new UN specification cylinders is that Hydrostatic Testing is required at 10 year intervals. Unlike your composite SCBA there is no service life for these cylinders. The rules simply require that cylinders are tested in accordance with DOT specifications and as long as they pass the prescribed testing they may remain in service.


Our recommendation, if you have not checked your storage cylinder’s last date of Hydrostatic Testing you need to do so. Once you locate the most recent test date from the cylinder, make a note of it in a place where you can readily find the information and that will alert you to the date on which requalification will be required. Below are a few examples of the many variations of cylinders we test.


Hydrostatic Testing – DOT and UN Cylinders

DOT Cylinders(HC Series Lightweight) are advanced, computer-designed steel cylinders that lead the global gas industry in capacity-to-weight ratios.  These high strength, light weight alloy cylinders feature higher gas capacities that allow for longer service between filling cycles. UN Cylinders are designed under specification ISO 9809-2; and are DOT qualified cylinders. UN Cylinders offer a 10 year re-test interval.



DOT E11194 - 3100PSI Oxygen cylinderHydrostatic Testing – DOT Specification Cylinders

DOT E11194 3100PSI Oxygen Cylinders, as pictured, SP 10945 and other Oxygen bottles sizes can be Hydro Static Tested at our facilities.
















Hydro Static Testing SCBA CylindersHydrostatic Testing –

SCBA Cylinders

A SCBA, or self contained breathing apparatus, worn by firefighters, rescue workers and others to provide breathable air in an IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) Atmosphere. These can be Composite, Aluminum or Steel cylinders tested to DOT requirements.






Hydro Static Testing Fire ExtinguishersHydrostatic Testing –

CO Extinguishers

and other Fire Extinguisher Cylinders

Fire Extinguishers can be the correct way to contain fires. Fire Extinguisher Inspection is required by law for all businesses yearly. NFPA 10 contains information pertaining to service, maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher is defined as portable protection device used to control small fires or extinguish small fires by discharging a jet of water, foam, gas or other material to extinguish the fire.



Hydro Static Testing SCUBA Cylinders and SCUBA TanksHydrostatic Testing – SCUBA Diving Cylinders

Scuba Diving cylinders also are required by the DOT to be Hydrostatic Tested according to DOT requirements.

SCUBA Diving cylinder or tank is defined as a portable storage device used to store and transport high pressure breathing gas as a component of SCUBA Diving.





Hydro Static Testing Oxygen CylindersHydrostatic Testing – Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders and Oxygen tanks can be Hydrostatic Tested at our facility to the current DOT requirements. Oxygen cylinders and oxygen tanks are defined as a pressure vessel used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure.


Hydrostatic Testing – Paintball Cylinders

Paintball cylinders can be Hydrostatic Tested at our facility as well as Paintball bottles and Paintball tanks to the DOT requirements. Paintball cylinders and Paintball tanks are defined as small portable storage vessels used in various types of the sport of paintball games.


*** Hydrostatic Testing requirements are every 5 years as stated in 49 CFR, Sections 180.205 and 180.209 DOT Regulations.






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