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Lab On Locale – Breathing Air Test

Lab On Locale Breathing Air Test - Lawrence Factor

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Safe Air Systems currently operates a Lab on Locale. This equipment allows us to conduct Breathing Air Test analysis immediately. Customers who take advantage of our “Before and After” breathing air testing, which occurs at the time your breathing air compressor and purification systems are serviced, will receive the results of this breathing air testing typically within 24 hrs. This immediate feedback provides the customer with the assurance that their breathing air compressor is producing air that meets the current NFPA and/or CGA standards. Additionally, conducting the NFPA required breathing air testing provides valuable insight as to the condition of your breathing air compressor.


Breathing Air TestingAir Quality Testing that is Easy, Accurate, and Affordable! It is necessary that any department that makes their own breathing air must make sure that their air meets the standards put forth by the:



• Compressed Gas Association



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