Bauer GSA GS-07F-195GA | VERTECON® Breathing Air Compressor

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Bauer Compressors – VERTECON® | GSA Contract # GS-07F-195GA




SCHEDULE 084: Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft and emergency/disaster response.
NAICS Code # 333912. Why buy dressed up old compressor and cabinetry technology? Buy BAUER and get the latest technological advancements. The VERTECON® design is economical, space saving, and allows easy access for routine maintenance


  • BAUER breathing air purification system
  • Open vertical cabinet made of formed sheet and plate goods provides a firm foundation for all pressure bearing components
  • Modern cabinet design with unsurpassed maintenance accessibility
  • No hand tools are required for normal maintenance checks and fluid level confirmation
  • BAUER PLC based controller with 4 line text display
  • Self-adjusting drive belt tensioner
  • NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure with UL® listed control panel
  • All wiring harnesses incorporated within a corrugated loom with number coding for easy system diagnosis
  • Emergency stop push button
  • .049 wall thickness stainless steel tubing throughout, no cheap plastic tubing
  • Rugged powder coat finish
  • Automatic condensate drain system
PLC controller
  • Compressor on/off, final pressure, oil pressure, high temperature shutdown
  • Supports automatic condensate drain system (ask for details)
  • Motor overload indication
  • Final separator counter with shutdown and operator indication


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