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SCI Composites

Are you seeking an opportunity to

improve the quality of your Self

Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCBA cylinders and save money?

Perhaps an improvement in durability

and performance of your SCBA,

RIT/RIC, Cascade or CAFS cylinder is needed.


Structural Composites Industries


Only Structural Composites Industries, through its network of dealers, can deliver all of this at prices significantly less than the leading Respirator Manufacturers. How do we do it?


SCI Composites: History


A bit of history is needed first. Structural Composites Industries (SCI) became

the world’s first producer of Department of Transportation DOT approved composite cylinders for municipal, commercial, military, marine and aerospace applications. SCI Composites has a safety record no other manufacturer can match and is the world’s most advanced manufacturer of composite cylinders. With no field service failures, SCI Composites maintains the absolute best safety record of any composite cylinder manufacturer today.


SCI CompositesAdditionally, Structural Composites Industries is advancing Fire Service technology by introducing products never before made available…until now. Whether you upgrade to the DURA-LITE 15™ (photo left) line of highly durable cylinders, decide on Custom Labeling your new SCI Composites cylinders, or choose to select Structural Composites Industries newest product offering – our exclusive 30 Year Life SCBA cylinder – you’ll do so with confidence knowing you’ve not over paid while getting the highest quality cylinder on the market today. Watch the Drag Test video to see the difference between a Standard

and DURA-LITE 15® cylinder


Structural Composites Industries: Benefits


D.O.T Approved
Structural Composites Industries is the first composite cylinder manufacturers to receive D.O.T approval for SCBA cylinders.


Industry Leader
SCI Composites has manufactured over 2 million units without a field service failure


Huge Saving
Buying through Structural Composites Industries Dealer Network, Fire Departments can save substantially, using the money saved for other worthwhile initiatives.


Superior Quality
DURA-LITE 15 cylinders are manufactured with a uniquely formulated, highly durable, exterior coating that substantially improves abrasions and impact resistance to reduce premature cylinder attrition.


Structural Composites Industries: Fact Sheets


Standard Cylinder
Dura Lite 15
30yr Cylinder
High Volume Cylinders


Please contact us for our full line of SCI Composites products.