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Sierra Booster: Electric Air and Gas Boosters

Sierra Booster: What is an Air Booster?

An air booster, sometimes referred to as an “air amp,” is a device that “boosts” air pressure from a low-pressure inlet air source to a high-pressure outlet destination.

Sierra Booster: Why Use an Air or Gas Booster?

A Booster may be used whenever there is a need to boost pressures from lower to higher levels, or to reduce the fill times of devices with gas or air when time is of the essence. The compact and efficient 3D/Sierra Precision air/gas booster boosts the lower level pressure source to higher levels for rapid filling of the destination device. For instance, the fire fighting and rescue industries are shifting to smaller SCBAs to reduce the overall weight of equipment carried by firefighters and rescue workers.

Consequently: Smaller SCBA cylinders require higher pressure to maintain the same air usage time and the existing in-house compressors may not be able to fill high-pressure SCBAs. Replacement high-pressure, high-flow air compressors are costly and air storage facilities often require costly modifications to accommodate new compressors. Cascade systems cannot completely fill SCBA cylinders when the top cascade cylinder falls below 4500 psi. An air booster ensures complete fills to 4500 psi.

When to use a Sierra Precision Electric Air Booster?


To maximize the use of breathing air in storage cylinders resulting in an increase in the number of complete SCBA fills per storage cylinder.
To reduce fill times by eliminating the need to cascade air storage cylinders. When used with a booster, all air storage cylinders can be fully opened and do not require cascading. To eliminate the possibility of contaminated air at fire incidents when used in conjunction with an air storage system versus the use of mobile compressors.

Sierra Booster: FIRE STATIONS

To enhance the capability of existing low-pressure compressors. For example, if a fire department has a 3000 psi compressor and switches to 4500 psi air packs, an air booster is less costly than purchasing a new compressor. To extend the service life of existing compressors by operating at lower pressures. Running compressors at lower pressures extends compressor life.

Sierra Booster:HAZMAT

To avoid restrictions imposed by government regulations on the use of high-pressure compressors at hazardous material manufacturing locations. Using a cascade system in conjunction with a booster, and replenishing the air supply from a local fire department or welding supply shop, maximizes the use of air from the cascade system and minimizes the costs of stored air and government compliance. Sierra Precision also manufactures Argon, Helium, and Nitrox boosters designed to boost up to 6,000 psi. Contact Sierra Precision to learn if a special gas booster is suited for your application.

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