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Safety Lab Plus, Inc.Safety Lab Plus Mission
To provide our customers, whether at work, play or more, with high-quality products and services, while developing long-lasting relationships by providing traditional customer service.


About Safety Lab Plus
Safety Lab Plus may be a brand-new entity, but the team behind it has been in the gas analysis and high-pressure air industries for more than thirty years.  Our specialties include quality and purity testing for: first responders; Nitrox, SCUBA, and technical diving; home, ambient, commercial buildings and pharmaceutical facilities; oils, liquids, hydraulic fluids, microbial, and cannabis industry uses.


  • Easy to Use – Our patent pending sample test kit is the easiest and safest process in the industry. No specialized training required. Easy as 1-2-3…
  • Safety – No need to worry about collecting an air sample.
  • Our sample test kit was designed specifically with safety in mind.
    The operator can feel safe during the collecting process.
  • Sample Options – Pressure from ambient to 2500psi (inlet pressure).
  • Costs – Lower shipping cost, smaller and lighter.
  • Programs contain all sample test kits sent at once, eliminating the need for unnecessary shipping charges.
  • Standards – NFPA, CGA, OSHA, Nitrox, ISO, Canadian and more…Plus oils and lubricants
  • DOT Compliant – No need to worry about being DOT compliant while shipping back your air sample. Our sample test kit meets or exceeds DOT 49 CFR (non-hazardous shipping).
  • Test Results – Transmitted via, e-mail, mail, text alerts.



Safety Lab Plus Air Test KitSafety Lab Plus, Inc Test Bag


Safety Lab Plus Air Test Instruction Sheet and Fact Sheet

Safety Lab Plus – Air Test Kit Instruction Sheet
Safety Lab Plus Sales Sheet