Breathing Air Purification Cartridges

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Air Purification Cartridges


We offer breathing air purification cartridges for all makes and models of Purification Systems.

Please call us with specific information about the following breathing air purification cartridges. Including but not limited to:

Air-Dry Corporation, Hamworthy, Alkin, Ingersoll Rand, Allied Air Products, Inc.,

Jordair, Bauer Compressors (OEM), Lawrence Factor (OEM), Bristol Pneumatics,

Mako, Deltech Engineering, Poseidon, Eagle Air Systems, Robbins Aviation,

Fluid Concepts and Scott.


Breathing Air Cartridges – Chart


The chart below is a listing of the most common Breathing Air Cartridges.

If you don’t see the cartridge you are looking for, please call Safe Air Systems Parts Department.


SAS# Eagle Lawrence Factor Mako Bristol AC/CAT/DES
20-ML01 50-ML01 X36677 PD-1503 DES
20-ML03 50-ML03 X36247 PD-1803 AC/CAT/DES
20-MM01 50-MM01 X366722 DES
20-MM03 50-MM03 X362422 AC/CAT/DES
20-MS01 50-MS01 X36670 PC-1501 DES
20-MS03 50-MS03 X36240 PC-1801 AC/CAT/DES
20-CL01 50-CL01 X33677 DES
20-CL03 50-CL03 X34247 AC/CAT/DES
20-CM01 50-CM01 X336722 DES
20-CM03 50-CM03 X342422 AC/CAT/DES
20-CS01 50-CS01 X33670 DES
20-CS03 50-CS03 X34240 AC/CAT/DES
X65247 PD-1803 / AC/CAT/DES
X255451 65CAC AC/CAT
X25670 65X-10C DES
X256751 65X DES
X25670-A 65X-10CA DES



























Please contact us for our full line of Breathing Air Purification Cartridges.