Breathing Air – Custom Shelving – Mass Casualty Carts

Mass Casualty Carts - Guilford Co Mass Casualty Carts; stored in Box Trucks with Lift Gate for access
 Breathing Air - O2 Mass Casualty Cart closed (3) Oxygen Mass Casualty Carts
 O2 Mass Casualty Cart - Hannay O2 Mass Casualty Cart holds (2) M cylinders. Equipped with Hannay hose reel 75′ Spring Rewind O2 Hose Reel; Pelican Case outfitted as O2 Manifold Suitcase that supplies (6) Individual O2 Regulators. Also can store (10) D or E size cylinders
 Breathing Air - Medical Cart closed (3) Yellow Medical Carts; will house variety of Medical Supplies in bulk
 Breathing Air - Medical Cart open
 Breathing Air - Mass Casualty Cart closed (3) Red Mass Casualty Carts; would store Backboards and other Equipment of in bulk – closed
 Breathing Air - Mass Casualty Cart open
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