Breathing Air Mobile Trailers – St Pauls FD

Fire Apparatus - StPauls FD - RAL side 8′ X 18′ Mobile Breathing Air Trailer with AC and Heat; 16′ Awning; LED RALS
Fire Apparatus - StPauls FD - CFSII-3S Bauer Compressors CFSII-3S Containment Fill Station with 4 Bank ACP and compressor controls
Fire Apparatus - StPauls FD - Compressor Compressor Vent Roll Up door for easy access and ventilation; Optional Vinyl Graphics package; Wilburt dual LED Night Scan Light Towers mounted on top
Fire Apparatus - StPauls FD - Bauer Bauer Breathing Air Compressor H13-D; (4) 6000PSI DOT Cascade System, GfG CO Monitor; (2) Hannay HP Hose Reels with Remote Controls; Grounding Reel and rod
Fire Apparatus - StPauls FD - Wilburt lights (2) Wilburt Night Scan Light Towers with LED lights; (3) Side Mount LED Scene Lights; SCBA pass thru rack; 16′ Awning
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