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Paintball Scuba Diving Gear

Safe Air Systems, Inc. carries a great selection of Paintball & Scuba Fill Adapters, Scuba & Paintball Adapter Assemblies, Quick Couplers, Scuba Yoke & Bleeders.  Safe Air Systems offers Paintball & Scuba services such as: Hydro Test Scuba Tanks, Paintball Bottles, Paintball Tanks for re-certification and Air Test Scuba Tanks.


We also carry Bauer Compressors to fit your needs (see Bauer Dive Mate, Junior II, Oceanus compressors

for small 5000 PSI packages).




Safe Air Systems understands the Paintball industry & wishes to provide both Paintball hobbyist and Paintball professional with access to the best Paintball adapters and accessories.  Because we specialize in the “Safe Air” business, we value all Paintball products and Paintball accessories that people have come to depend on.  Contact us today to find out how we can satisfy your Paintball accessory & Paintball adapters needs.


Paintball Fact Sheet


Take a look at our Paintball fact sheet for more information about our Paintball products and Paintball services.


Scuba Diving


Safe Air Systems believes that having the proper Scuba Diving Gear & Scuba Diving accessories are essential to a great Scuba Diving experience.  Our experience with both Scuba Diving adapters along with air compressors for Scuba Diving equipment means that you’ll get the right Scuba Diving gear for your next Scuba Diving trip.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Scuba Diving Adapters & Scuba Diving Air Compressors needs.


Scuba Diving Fact Sheet


Take a look at our Scuba Diving fact sheet for more information about our Scuba Diving products and Scuba Diving services.

Scuba Diving


Paintball & Scuba Diving


Thank you for visiting Safe Air Systems, we value your interest in both Paintball & Scuba Diving equipment.  If you have any questions about Paintball Equipment or Scuba Diving Equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Paintball & Scuba Diving are just part of the entire “Safe Air” family of products that we service, drops us a note or give us a call today, and let us help you with your Paintball and Scuba Diving needs.


Please contact us for our full line of Scuba & Paintball products.