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Service Department



In order to support the foundation of our company,

we are committed to being professional and the best service company in the industry. Our goal is to provide a solution to every problem.


Service & Response is the focus of Safe Air Systems.  We take great pride and commitment to bring you

the best possible solutions for your air compressor needs.  With the main office located in Randleman, North Carolina and satellite offices throughout the United States, we specialize in responding to your needs in most cases less than 24 hours.  Our coverage area includes the Continental United States, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Virgin Islands

and San Juan PR.  The recommended Semi-Annual service of your breathing air system assures your system well exceeds NFPA Standards.  Our professional efforts will ensure air quality and reliability when your life depends on it.  We also offer Quarterly,

Annual and Monthly service.

Our dedicated technicians are highly skilled, knowledgeable and diverse with various makes and models to include but not limited to BAUER, INGERSOLL-RAND, AMERICAN BRISTOL, HAMWORTHY, MAX-AIR, SCOTT, POSEIDON, MAKO & EAGLE.


So take out the worries, liabilities and costly expense due to lack of improper maintenance and let the professionals do it. Breathing pure clean air is your life. It is our goal. Preventative Maintenance, Repair, 24 Hour Emergency Service. Safe Air Systems, Inc. has a technician on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency repairs.



Tom Barber is our Service Coordinator. Tom served eight years with the United States Air Force at which time he was responsible for the electrical power production mobile maintenance. He has 23 years experience with manufacturing and servicing breathing air compressor systems. He will gladly assist you in handling any service or repairs for all your breathing air equipment.


  • Lock & tag out unit
  • Check Unit for visual damage & cleanliness (coolers must be clean)
  • Drain & replace Compressor Oil & Oil Filter
  • Replace air intake filter
  • Drain & replace Purifier Cartridges, O-rings
  • Rebuild Check Valves on Purifier & Compressor
  • Rebuild Priority Valve
  • Replace Drain Pistons if unit requires
  • Replace Tip Seals on Fill Adaptors
  • Rebuild SCBA Fill Valve
  • Check Compressor Belts for wear & proper tensions
  • Remove Locks & Tags
  • Start Compressor and Test Run
  • Check for Air & Oil leaks
  • Check Compressor Interstage & Oil Pressure
  • Run Compressor to final pressure & adjust if needed
  • Check Auto Start/Stop & Auto Drain operation
  • Top off Air Storage
  • Advise customer of any potential problems



  • Oil & Oil Filter
  • Change Intake Filter
  • Change Fuel Filter


You may contact us by email or phone for your specific service quote. We need the make, model & year of your compressor to process a quote. Please contact us at 1.800.424.8633 or by email to


Contact us to request a quote.

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