Why Choose Bauer Breathing Air Compressor?

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Bauer Compressor Vertecon

Safe Air Systems has a mission to

provide Best Service and Support

that is beyond excellence to each

Fire Department, Military, Industrial

and Recreational organization.

Safe Air Systems is committed to

help each customer obtain their

goals through:


•    Superior Customer Service.

•    Staff with the Highest Expertise

     in the Industry.

•    Quality Products and Services.




Why Choose Bauer?

•    5 Year Parts Warranty on

     Compressor Pump for Municipal

     Fire Departments.

•    Bauer Compressors has been

     in business for 73 years!

•    Bauer Compressors blocks

     are made of Aluminum.

     Magnesium Alloy other

     brands are Cast Iron.

•    Basic maintenance can

     be accomplished with

     minimum tools.